Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Evidence of My Girls Everywhere

Rachel was here. And there. And then over there. Here is a layout about Rachel' existence in our house. The photos I decided to include are:

1. Her pacifiers. We keep probably about six of them in her crib at all times. When Caytlyn was with us I used to go looking for binkies in the dark every night, and I wanted to make sure I didn't have to do that this time around. Also, when she goes to sleep, she sucks on one binkie and holds another in her hand. So sweet.

2. We have to block the VCR from her reach. She thinks it is an amazing amount of fun to put her hand in the VCR and play with the flap.

3. She enjoys her toys. All of them. But in this box I included a photo of her Weeble Treehouse because she not only likes to play with it, but she loves to bounce to the music it makes. I think she likes that it doesn't have a volume control. lol

4. In this box you can see one of her other favorite activities. Pulling books off the shelves. Oh, she could spend hours doing this every day. It drives Elizabeth crazy.

5. And her bike (currently on rocker status). She likes to just sit on it and rock back and forth. She likes to spin the wheels when she isn't on it. And she has a great time trying to get both off of it and back on it again. What fun she has with this toy.

On Elizabeth's layout I have included the following photo/stories about how she lives in our home.

1. School work is everywhere. And don't let her catch you putting any of her work in the recycling box either!

2. Elizabeth has a collection of tooth brushes. She loves to brush her teeth and she gets toothpaste everywhere. She won't throw toothbrushes away. It has to happen in the dark of night (on garbage night), lol.

3. Power Rangers. If you know Elizabeth, you know her love of Power Rangers. And well, really, all things super hero.

4. Her guitar. She loves to play her guitar. She loves to carry it around and be cool. She loves music.

5. On her bed you will find different things every day. Today she has her baby doll, her Fairytopia book, and a collection of CDs. All the CDs are of women singers too. B52s, the Cranberries, Sheryl Crow, Blondie, X, Avril Lavene(?), these are just a few of the CDs she keeps in her room.

6. She has a collection of craft supplies, but on this day, she was painting. She was painting a sunset.

7. And her books. She loves books. Her grandma laughed at her when she told her that Mommy was her designated reader.

And, of course, she is called the Queen of Sass on her layout. It is true, she is sassy. But she thought it was great when she was told that she inherited it from her mom, lol.

Rachel was here. April 2006. Background paper, alphas, stars, ‘it’s all about me’ from the Rock & Roll kit at ScrapGirls. The ‘I love my toys’ ribbon from Cameron’s Toys kit (recolored) by Kathryn Balint. The circle brush from ScrapGirls. The ribbon sun made from elements in the Blossom Blast kit by MandaBean at Sweet Shoppe.

Elizabeth was here. April 2006. Paper, alphas and all elements from the Rock & Roll kit by ScrapGirls. Beachy (scratch) overlay also from ScrapGirls.

Layouts inspired by an Ali Edwards layout in April CK.

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