Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Can Can Girls (digital)

I have been messing with this layout for days, and am still not sure if this is what I'll keep. Feel free to share any ideas for improvement. I guess part of the reason that I am having trouble is that I want to see so much of the background paper. lol. Well, anyway...

Can Can Girls. The Old Tucson Saloon.

Journaling under large photo: “Elizabeth’s favorite part of the show was when the girls turned around, pulled up their skirts, and shaked their bums at us. She thought that was great.”

Journaling under small photo: “Elizabeth loved her old fashioned sasparilla from the Old Tucson Saloon so much that she had two.”

Background is created from photos. Jewels and tickets from Maya at ScrapbookGraphics. Staples from DigitalScrapbookPlace.

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