Thursday, June 30, 2011

Out of commission for a bit - and a coupon

Hi all!

I'm out of commission for a bit.  I have had foot surgery this week and will be having a nice long recuperation.  That would have been okay, but the day before my surgery took place, my computer died!

I thought it would be a  simple fix, but apparently it really is dead. DEAD.

So I will be getting a new laptop, but it's hard to shop for one in my condition. I can't do it in person because I am barely making it out of bed this week. But every time I look at the web sites to check them out that way, I fall asleep. Darn pain killers, lol.

In fact, I'm a bit loopy right now, lol.

Okay, I promise not to be out of commission for too long.

In the meantime, here is a coupon that I posted on facebook last week, and it's still good until the first.  Coupon code: ScrapGoodies39
35% off
expires 7/1/2011

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