Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Warp - it's just a jump to the left....

Spring Foward:

I woke up this morning by the sweet buzzing sound of my alarm and after I hit snooze a couple of times I did get up.  I moved Elizabeth towards the shower to get ready for school, then I sat down with a hot cuppa joe and spent a little bit of time on the computer.

As I was getting ready to walk Elizabeth to the bus, Shaun looks at me and says, "What is she still doing here? You're going to have to drive her now." 

I'm still completely oblivious, even after that comment, while I look at him like there's something wrong with him and tell him that there is plenty of time to get to the bus.

That is about when I realized that I am now officially a time change dork.  More than a full 24 hours after the time change and I am just realizing that my daughter's bus left almost an hour ago.

Just call me a time change dork, I've officially joined the club.  And I can't even come up with a good excuse, lol.

Here is what I have new in the store this week:


Irish Eyes


Here are a few layouts:

Well, I have a full day today and an  hour late start, lol. 

Happy birthday to Shaun, my sweet husband!


Angeljet said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! Poor daughter, late for school.
Your pages are gorgeous.

schnegge1984 said...

Happy Birthday!

Wonderful Stuff!

greetings nina

DawnMarch said...

We're lucky here in AZ because we don't change time. I always have a hard time keeping track of everyone else, though!