Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Wonderful and Long Post

Those kids:

Rachel has been cracking me up lately.

While brushing her hair this morning she told me that I need to be careful, she's a little fragile.

But when I asked her how she got her skinned knee, she told me that was how she became a 'grampire'.  Really, a grampire?  Yes.  Apparently she died and came back to life as a grampire, now she kills people with her teeth.  Oh, the joys of having an older sibilng to teach her these things, lol.

A grampire, lol. 

And Elizabeth has had her first softball game today... sort of. It wasn't a real game, it was jamboree day with 'fun' games.  Yes, fun, but also to see how the other teams are playing, lol. 

She played first base and she did excellent!


New Releases:

A Wonderful Adventure from PICK A PAPER by Alissa.

If you like Disney or children's stories, then this kit is the  kit for you.  It has a little bit of Alice in Wonderland, Pinochio, Dumbo and It's a Small World in it and it is the first in a series of kits that I'm working on.   You'll definitely want to be on the lookout for the next kits in the series over the next couple of months. :) 

So, check it out:

A Wonderul Adventure
PICK A PAPER by Alissa Jones

Wonderful Adventure, the first kit in a series to scrap your adventures of a lifetime! This eclectic kit is full of fun colors and textures. You'll find everything from paper pieced and felt pieced to hand drawn sketches. Perfect for scrapping photos from your favorite theme parks and childhood stories, you'll find a little bit of world cultures, circus elephants, wooden boys with growing noses and a girl who fell through a rabbit hole. Created at 300 dpi you wil find 15 papers (12x12) and 57 elements. A few specifics include: multi-cultural face stickers, paper pieced multi-cultural buildings, felt globe, pieced tea cups, pieced Alice dress, drawn dancing tea pots, drawn cirucs train and circus elephant, felt elephant, felt puppet clothes, drawn pinochio, pieced whales, flowers, ribbons, frames and more. Additional kits in the Adventure series coming soon. Wonderful Adventure from PICK A PAPER by Alissa Jones.

And some layouts:
I should add, this is the most layouts I've ever done with one kit.  NINE pages! wow.

And since this post is long already, let's just make it longer, lol.  Here are a few non-Disney layouts that a few of my creative team put together.

from Majula:

from Marta Santos:

from thunderdragon:

Okay, I think that post is long enough, lol.  Have a great week!

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