Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm back, again...

Here I am, playing catch up once again. This time it's because I have been so very sick for a while, since Thanksgiving actually. I just keep getting knocked back down, but I think I have finally beaten it after two rounds of antibiotics. Uck, I hate being sick.

Today, for the first time in weeks, I'm actually feeling pretty great. And my family will definitely benefit, because I am actually cooking tonight. We have been living on my husbands cooking, take-out or simple dishes like... pancakes, LOL. Finally we will be getting back to our regular routine.

In fact, I was feeling so good that we even decorated cookies today. Boy, nothing is much more fun or messier than watching a two-year old go at a bunch of sugar cookies with frosting and candy toppings, LOL. I haven't downloaded my photos yet, so I can't share... maybe next time.

Here are a couple of layouts of my sweet girls. Have a great day everybody!

Perfect Pumpkin, credits here.

From the apple tree, credits here.

My 2 girls, credits here.


SarahB said...

Glad you are starting to feel better!

Such fun layouts! Love the pumpkin one!

Miranda Buijs said...

Great layouts! Hope you won't get sick again!!

JanMary said...

Hope you stay "on the mend".

Great LO's - love the last one, with the bright colours against the black and white photo.

HSDesigns said...

This is my first visit to your blog - and let me just say - Your LO's are FANTASTIC. WOW. BEAUTIFUL stuff.
I am happy to hear your feeling better.

Gina said...

That sounds so miserable - glad you're feeling better. Love the layouts - they're so vibrant.