Saturday, October 16, 2010

My 5 year old artist

Last night Rachel was drawing faces onto paper and then taking them over to a mirror and holding them up in front of her face like a mask trying to scare herself.  LOL

That child amuses me to no end.  I can tell she's a little artist at heart, and that isn't solely based on the fact that she is choosing art classes over sports. But also because she spend most of her free time drawing, creating art, and definitely making a mess.  The other day she asked me what she should draw, so I suggested a dinosaur (she LOVES dinosaurs).  So she immediately grabs a dinosaur to use as a model.  Then she grabs a bucket of Lego's and builds herself a dinosaur based on  her toy.  Now that she has a Lego model of a dinosaur, she is finally ready to begin drawing her own dinosaur.  She totally cracks me up with her process.

{Rachel with her dinosaur model.)

But her process can go the other way too.  Several days ago she outside playing and she popped her head in the door (my laptop desk is right next to the back door) and she asked me how to build a nest.  I explained how birds use twigs and everything else they can find to create a nest.  She immediately ran indoors and to her art supplies, which led me to think she really didn't want to make a nest after all.  But about ten minutes later she came back with a drawing of a nest that she had done and she took it into the backyard with her.

Intrigued I had to follow to see what she was up to.  Apparently she felt she needed instructions to make a nest. So she began with drawing a picture of a nest which she took outside to guide her through her process of making a nest.  And then she proceeded to gather her materials and she worked on making herself a nest. Unfortunately it didn't get too much farther after that because the dogs kept trampling all over it trying to play with her, lol.  I suppose part of it's destruction was because she was building it at the bottom of the deck stars, lol. 

Another method of Rachel's that totally brings a smile to my face is that she is making collages. She draws a picture, then cuts it out. Then she draws another picture on another piece of paper and then begins gluing her other cut out pictures into the new picture to create scenes. I love that she is making collages, and that she has come up with this idea all on her own.

I love collage art.  :)

Her art class starts in two weeks and I can't wait to see what she creates.  The hard part will be determining which parents goes to art class with Rachel and which goes with Elizabeth to her volleyball game, because I don't want to miss either one.  Both my children are wonderful!  :)

Speaking of volleyball, I need to go get ready for this mornings game. Catch you later!

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