Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No longer MIA

I know I've been MIA, but it has been busy these past few weeks.  Busy both personally and professionally. Even though I haven't been putting anything in the store, I have been busy creating. But I'll get to that a little later.

I know many of you have already began your school year, but we haven't ended our summer vacation yet up here. One more week and then the girls will be back to school. Of course it's a little bittersweet because my Rachel is starting kindergarten. Where does the time go? (sigh)

She is such a cutie pie though and constantly cracks me up.

A few weeks ago she decided she wanted to read the palms of  her sister and Daddy.  First she read her Dad's palm: You have a future and your family loves you.  (ooh, good fortune!).  Then she read her sister's palm: Your family loves you and certain death.  Certain death? LOL Oh boy, she doesn't have a flair for the dramatic does she that little five year old drama queen.

I'm going to miss her when she goes to school.

Back to school, back to school....

Here is the first of my two new kits releasing on Sept.1 at Funky Playground Designs where I will be guesting for the month of September.

Higher Learning
from PICK A PAPER by Alissa Jones
available at Funky Playground Designs during the month of September

I've got more to show you tomorrow!

See you then!

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