Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ears and Teeth!

I took Elizabeth to get her ears pierced!

She's ten and she's been wanting to do it, but she's been a little scared. She finally decided she wanted to do it. We arrived, picked out the earrings, sat in the chair had the piercing guns up to her ears (they do both at the same time) and then she chickened out. LOL

Of course, by then I had to pay whether she pierced her ears or not, although I told her I wasn't going to force her, lol.  So with many big breaths and a little freaking out, she finally did it.  And she's so happy that she did too.  :)

Rachel bumped her tooth and it was beginning to turn gray, so we took her to the dentist.  She's such a big girl, so brave, and now she's also toothless.  And she'll remain toothless for about 2 years too, so it's a good thing she makes a very cute toothless five year old.

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