Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time to get out in the garden!

I love the sun!

The weather has been gorgeous this week here in the Pacific Northwest. the kids have been really enjoying their time outdoors after a dreary winter season. 

Let me tell you, spring fever has definitely hit!  I just wish our backyard was ready for us. At this pont I have to make Rachel wear her rainboots in the backyard pretty much every day, even when it's not rainy, lol.  But the plan is that this summer we are going to begin transforming our yard.

We plan to extend the deck into multiple levels off of the family room, build a dog run on the side of the house, extend the deck off the sun room, add pathways, add a patio with a fire pit and then lots of shrubs and bark. We will be a grass free backyard, and the garden will be through the yard, not just on the edges. I cannot wait. I loved our yard in our old house and am so looking forward to having a yard here that is enjoyable to spend time in. Yay!

New Release today, on sale Sunday and Monday only:

Seeing as how I am in an outdoorsy kind of a mood, it was the perfect time to put together an outdoorsy kind of a kit. :)  So here it is, Alissa's Lil Garden!

Lil Garden from PICK A PAPER by Alissa Jones exclusively at SBE.

Here are a few layouts using this kit:

1.  Garden Girls

2. Lil Green Fingers
My little one has had a love of the outdoors since she was an infant. If she was crying and wouldn't stop, all we had to do was step outside with her and the crying would stop instantly. She loves to help her Dad do yard work, whether we are talking about watering plants, cleaning up brush or putting something new in the ground.  She is her Daddy's little helper. :)

3. Papa's Garden
My dad loves to sit on his front porch with a cup of coffee enjoying his garden.

4. Dog Grooming Rachel Style
Here are some photos of Rachel dumping bark all over the dog, and the dog enjoying every minute of it, lol.

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Check out the previous post for details!

Have a happy day!

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