Friday, December 04, 2009

I know, I know..

I know, I disappeared for a while, but life happens and the blog is the last thing on my mind ;)

New today in the store and on sale

SBE's U-Build-It Family Treasures collection
all pieces for only $1 or $2

PICK A PAPER by Alissa packs for only $1 each


And a few other products that have been in the store for a while:

Alissa's History Rocks 1621

Alissa's Turkey Day

Alissa's Ollie for Skates

And a few layouts:

Okay, now that the business is out of the way, what's going on around here?

Rachel is starting to get ready for Christmas. We have been pushing the 'Santa knows when you've been good or bad' line around here trying to keep her in bed at night time. But she's taking us seriously about that, waking up each morning so excited to go open Santa's presents. LOL, makes me think that the 'be good, Santa's watching' might not work all the way to Christmas, LOL.

Elizabeth is busy doing an art class after school that she is thoroughly enjoying as well as having joined the school Choir and student council. I had to tell her no when she wanted to be a library helper too, I don't
want her giving up too many recesses each week, lol.

We had a great Thanksgiving, I was sick the week before and was thankfully much improved so that I could host Thanksgiving as I do every year.  This year I used the Williams Sonoma Turkey Brine, yummmy. I love a moist turkey. :)

And my younger sister's baby shower is coming up, we are doing a mad hatters tea party theme. This has been fun to put together, the decorating possibilities are endless, unfortunately my budget isn't, lol. But my mom and older sister have jumped in to help pull this off. It's going to be fun!  Of course, now I have to go find fun hats for me and my girls to wear too - That should be interesting! :)

I have 2 new kits coming out this weekend; a Christmas kit and a winter kit. So keep your eyes open for those!

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