Monday, October 12, 2009

Sporty Girls... sort of

Sporty Girls

This weeks volleyball games went much smoother, they won one game of three.  So much better than last week where they not only loss, they were creamed! LOL

I think it's because this week Shaun, myself and another parent did took over their practice. We had one adult for every two/three kids and really worked with them on their hitting, serving, placement and the game rules.  We were very proud of their progress.  This week though their coach will be back, and I have told her I'd like to help her out. 

I don't care if they lose, I'm not the parent that insists their child and team win everything. But it drove me crazy when their coach was just standing by and not really teaching them much. As long as they are learning and improving each week, then I'm happy.   And I think the kids are happier that way too.  :)

Rachel has been going to her soccer clinics; Shaun has been taking her while I go with Elizabeth to volleyball. Then when the soccer clinic is over they head over to watch the rest of Elizabeth's game.  Shaun says Rachel doesn't really seem to be 'in' to it very much. Some of the exercises she won't even try, and when they practiced chest bumping the ball, it hit her in the head and she cried. LOL   Definitley not as sporty as Elizabeth.

But she says she loves it.

But when I asked her if she liked soccer better or art class better, art class definitely won the popular vote. :)

Here are a couple of pics of the girls in their game shirts; Elizabeth is 22 and Rachel 11.

New Products

Nothing new this week. But be on the lookout for the October issue of Digital Artist Magazine. I have a free mini kit exclusively for DAM readers.

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