Thursday, November 08, 2007

a little Rachel love

This has been such a crazy month for me. I volunteered for too many projects plus the addition of Halloween, birthday parties and more. Crazy, it has been, I tell you.

But over the last few weeks my first turned 8 years old and had her first slumber party. What chaos! LOL I can't believe the noise that little girls can create. Thank goodness the weather was nice so they could play outdoors part of the time. And as part of her present I took her to her first concert, the Hannah Montana/ Jonas Brothers tour. The only other times I can remember her being this excited was when she found out she was getting a sister and when she learned she was going to Disneyland. LOL

We had a good time. I told her that I had been to lots of rock concerts, but this was my first pop concert and she thought that was funny. LOL

On to scrapping...

Here are a few pages featuring my sweet Rachel:

Sweet Dream credits.

Rar credits.

First cereal credits.

Have a great weekend!


Karen aka lindse said...

Oohh I absolutely adore the first ceral LO! Gotta lift it :) Thanks for the inspiration and have a great weekend!

20Birds said...

my girls would (even the teenager) flip to go see Hannah Montana... that is super photo yoeu got.